Company Overview

About PowerTap.

  • August 2020 : PowerTap acquired IP portfolio for Hydrogen Fuel Technology
  • January 2021: Partnered with Andretti Group, expanding fueling network to work hand in hand with fueling station owners
  • Safest Hydrogen Fueling in the marketplace with onsite manufacturing technology
  • Lowest industry cost production $2-$3 per kilogram
  • Immediate Carbon Credits upon installation
Green Initiatives
Patented Fueling
SMR Technology
Gas and Truck Station Partnerships
Carbon Credits

Fuel Station Partnerships

Gas and truck stop partnerships with major brands starting in 2021. Partnerships include hundreds of Gas and truck stops locations in the USA.

Building The Largest Hydrogen
Fueling Station Network

Hydrogen Fuel Cells have a large role in the evolving transportation industry (Trucks, Buses and Cars) with significant advantages over battery electric vehicles

Attractive carbon credits allow for predictable cash flow after construction and prior to increased demand for Hydrogen fuel reducing demand risk

The lack of Hydrogen fueling stations in the USA is the key impediment and opportunity

Renewable Energy/ Hydrogen attracting more investment capital

Power Tap Assets

  • PowerTap is the industry leader for on-site hydrogen production and fueling
  • PowerTap has developed and patented compact SMR technology
  • On-site Hydrogen production versus the existing delivery method
  • Smaller footprint allows existing fueling stations an addition profit centers
  • Numerous Patents in the U.S. and internationally
  • Opportunity for existing fueling stations to diversify portfolio and move towards a greener energy offering
  • Partnership with Andretti Group to provide guidance for fuel station operators
  • Capitalize on fuel margins plus hydrogen production credits

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